Alcohol Hand Gel & Sanitiser Statement

Written by:
Stephen Turner

Publish date:
Mar 18, 2020


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As a commercial manufacturer of alcohol hand gels and other sanitising solutions we are, of course, exceptionally busy at this time and enquiries are increasing exponentially.

The current situation dictates that there is a UK wide shortage of Isopropanol Alcohol, the alcohol which we use for the production of alcohol hand gel; there is also a shortage of other raw materials and bottles into which the hand gel is filled.

Due to the shortages in raw materials and component parts there has been an increase in costs, from some suppliers of raw materials and component parts by as much as 300%.

We are working hard to source all that is necessary to continue production and we are working with our customers to manage expectation and supply as soon as is possible.

We are operating a split priority production schedule. This accommodates those customers providing a public service, whom we are prioritising, however we are also actively aiming to maintain a regular supply to those not operating in the public service. Public service organisations include but are not limited to:

  • Courts
  • Electricity
  • Education
  • Emergency services
  • Environmental protection
  • Health care
  • HM prison service
  • Military
  • Public transportation
  • Public buildings
  • Social services
  • Telecommunications
  • Urban planning
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Waste management
  • Water supply network

We do not supply in small volumes. Minimum order quantities are for at least 200 litres of product. (Pack size ranges from 50ml to 5litres.)

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