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February 13, 2024 | Lauren Grainger

Navigating Regulation Changes: A Guide for Brand Owners

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In the dynamic world of cosmetics and personal care products, staying ahead means more than just keeping up with the latest trends and innovations. It also involves navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory changes. In the next 12 months there are a number of regulatory changes that are coming into play such as IFRA 51, changes to Cruelty Free claims, MoCRA and specific ingredient regulations that are making 2024 a big shake up year in the industry. We want to take this as an opportunity to educate brand owners to understand the importance of staying informed and proactive in ensuring compliance with regulations. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of regulation changes and provide actionable advice for brand owners in this space.

Regulation changes can have a significant impact on the cosmetics and personal care industry. Whether it’s new ingredient restrictions, labelling requirements, or safety guidelines, staying compliant is essential to safeguarding consumer trust and brand reputation. Failure to comply could potentially result in costly recalls, legal repercussions, and damage to brand credibility.

So, how can brand owners stay on top of regulation changes and navigate them effectively?

First and foremost, staying informed is key. It’s essential as a brand owner that you have an up-to-date PIF (product information file) and that it’s in your possession, this is the bible for your product and contains all of the information you need concerning the product. We often come across brands whose previous manufacturer did not provide them with their PIF, this is a big red flag and not acceptable – always ensure you’ve got this! It’s also vital to know who the named Responsible Person is for your product and to know who has completed your safety assessment.

 You can also keep up to date of regulatory updates from relevant authorities such as EU Cosmetics Regulation, and other governing bodies. Subscribing to industry newsletters, attending conferences, and actively participating in industry associations can provide valuable insights into upcoming changes. Your manufacturer should also be all over this and be able to proactively advise you of any upcoming changes that may affect your products, so if you’re working with a reliable partner they should be able to do a lot of the legwork on this for you and be your advisor in navigating what to do next. At Group55, we’re members of the CTPA meaning we have access to the latest information and can in turn use this to guide conversations with our customers so they’re doing the best for their brands.

As a brand owner, we’d recommend a regulatory check at least once annually, whether this is with the technical lead at your manufacturer, or with an independent safety assessor. Being aware of changes as far in advance as possible is beneficial as it arms you with the ability to make decisions about any changes you may need to make and how you phase out of any current formulations, stock or label designs ahead of any cutoff points so that you have the minimum possible commercial impact from any changes.

Once you’ve identified a change and understand it, ask the following questions:

  • How does this affect my brand?
  • What are my options?
  • What impact will this have?
  • What timeline should we work to?

This will help you determine the best next steps for you.

Keeping up with regulation changes is imperative for brand owners. By staying informed, fostering strong relationships with your manufacturer, and adopting a proactive approach, brands can navigate regulatory changes effectively and uphold their commitment to consumer safety and compliance. Remember, compliance is not just a legal obligation—it’s a cornerstone of building trust and credibility in the cosmetics and personal care industry.



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