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October 31, 2020 | Lauren Grainger

Made in the UK – 10 Benefits of using UK Manufacturers

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Demand for UK manufacturing is on the rise with an annual output totalling £192 billion, placing it within the top 10 manufacturing nations in the world. As brands and retailers increasingly look to add the ‘Made in the UK’ mark of quality to their products, we’ve identified ten benefits of working with home-grown suppliers.

1. Better communication

The strength of the relationship you have with your supplier often boils down to how easily you can communicate with them. Being able to meet in person and having a clear, two-way conversation are two benefits of working with a UK manufacturer. It also helps to work with domestic suppliers that have a full understanding of your market.

2. Greater quality control

Business owners sleep better at night when they know their products are being made consistently with strict quality control measures. In most industries, there are laws in place that ensure UK suppliers manufacture to an approved industry standard. Other countries have different regulations which can vary in quality and strictness. It’s also quicker and easier to visit your UK supplier during production to make sure everything is running smoothly and develop a better understanding of your manufacturing process.

3. Shorter lead times

The main reason UK suppliers can produce products faster is because the goods spend a lot less time being transported to you. The research and development phase is also more streamlined, as you can communicate better with suppliers and receive samples as soon as the next day.

4. Reduced carbon footprint

The fewer miles your products clock up on their way to you, the less harm they are doing to the planet. Your end consumers know this and it’s one of the reasons that ‘Made in the UK’ has become a badge of honour for brands with an eye on sustainability. That’s why 93% of consumers are willing to pay extra for British-made products.

5. Smaller minimum order quantities

Using a local manufacturer also means that you may not be required to commit to large order quantities that fill ship containers or trucks. This means you could place smaller orders more regularly, giving you flexibility and increased cash flow control.

6. Reduced transport costs

As well as giving you shorter lead times, smaller MOQs and less carbon footprint, shorter transport routes will also save you money on shipping costs. This means that more of your cost price is going directly towards the manufacturing of the product, which can improve the quality of the finished goods.

7. Support the UK economy

When UK businesses help each other, they help themselves. Working together helps boost the economy and creates employment. It’s not just about big business, either. Small businesses account for 60% of all private-sector employment.

8. Less risk in the supply chain

Brexit-related uncertainty and changes in the strength of the pound have provided more than a few headaches for business owners over the past few years. No business is immune, but those that work with manufacturers in the UK have fewer risks associated with their supply chain as they don’t need to import their finished products. This is especially true for manufacturers who themselves choose to work with suppliers based in the United Kingdom, such as Group55.

9. Product provenance

Consumers care about where their products come from. Using UK suppliers helps give them the peace of mind that the products have been manufactured to a high, ethical standard. An example in the cosmetics industry is cruelty-free. Manufacturers can receive accreditations to prove that they don’t test on animals. These accreditations are often industry and market-specific, meaning foreign manufacturers may not have the certifications you require to satisfy your customers.

10. The ‘Made in the UK’ appeal

UK manufacturing has prestige both at home and around the world. We’ve already told you that 93% of domestic consumers are willing to pay more for a British-made product. This isn’t just a case of patriotism. Great Britain is regarded as a “quality supplier” and so are products marketed as “Made in Britain”, meaning your products are likely to sell better in foreign markets if they’ve been made here in the UK.

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